Drive-In Services and Communion

The State of Illinois Governor has issued Executive Order #2020-32.  One of the items concerns religious activities:


To engage in the free exercise of religion.  To engage in the free exercise of religion, provided that such exercise must comply with Social Distancing Requirements and the limit on gatherings of more than ten people in keeping with CDC guidelines for the protection of public health.  Religious organizations and houses of worship are encouraged to use online or drive-in services to protect the health and safety of their congregants.


Here is a link to the entire Executive Order:


These are the guidelines for Gateway Conference Churches to hold Drive-In Services:

1. The plan must instruct parishioners to keep windows of vehicles up and that no one may exit the vehicle (if anyone gets out of vehicle the service is immediately cancelled).

2. The plan will have instructions on how to signal utilizing car lights and such instruments for communication during the service.

3. Cars shall be arranged in checker board style spacing.

4. No physical contact of ANY kind. No handing out of song sheets or bulletins, or communion elements. No contact means no contact.

5.  Any infraction of the above guidelines during the service requires the cancellation of the service.


There is no expectation that our churches MUST conduct a drive-in service. It is simply an additional tool you may utilize under proper guidelines and is now authorized by the Governor.


If your church would like to have Communion during a Drive-In Service, the following items must be followed:

1.  A table must be set up with pre-packaged Communion items.  No one should them hand out.  Each car should pull up to the table and take the appropriate amount of Communion packages for those in the car (we recommend wearing gloves during this).

2. Use the FM liturgy.  Please give it the proper reverence.

3. Request that all pause and  hold up the elements as you bless and consecrate them before they partake of the elements.


Thank you for your willingness to adapt during this trying time. Thank you for your submission to the above guidelines if you choose to utilize a Drive-In Service.


On The Journey,


Supt. Ben Tolly