Electronic Voting Information from Board of Bishops

Because our Book of Discipline allows for electronic ballots at the national level, and due to these extraordinary times, the Board of Bishops has determined that being physically present at an annual society meeting is not necessary to vote at the present time. 

Options include:

-information sent through the mail

-information sent through email and available online

-live-streamed society meeting

-recorded society meeting with voting taking place at the end

-online voting

-mail-in voting

-in-person voting


No matter what form your society meeting takes, please ensure that:


-information and materials are available online or in packets at least 10 days ahead of time, including information on any vote that will be taken.


-the form of the society meeting (virtual, live-stream, recorded, in person, combination) is clearly communicated to all members at least 10 days ahead of time.


-there is clarity on the voting deadline (with enough time for ballots to be received). 

Click here for 2019 Book of Discipline