Gateway Forms and Resources

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Click here to access 2021 Pastors Confidential Forms and Information Sheets

Illinois Mandatory Reporter Training

Gateway Newsletter on Illinois Mandatory Reporter Training and Information

Employee Handbook

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Anti-Harassment Policies

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Employee Handbook

State of Illinois Human Rights poster

Gateway Conference Anti-Harassment Power Point for annual training

Verification of Annual Anti-Harassment Training Completion Form

Church Law & Tax Free Webinar on  Confronting Harassment in the Church

Presentation slides for Church Law & Tax Confronting Harassment in the Church webinar

Federal Labor Law Posters

State of Illinois Labor Law Posters

State of Missouri Labor Law Posters

Gateway Conference 2021 Pastors and Treasurers Handbook

New Pastors Handbook

Information Sheet for Pastors (please fill out  if you have any changes in contact information, etc.)

Delegate Credential and Information Forms

Gateway Conference Lay Delegate Handbook

Ministerial Education & Guidance information for pastors regarding:  

Compensation, Vacation, Sick, Family & Medical Leave and Sabbaticals

Church Teller Offering Sheet

Church Facility Usage and Guideline Forms from FMCUSA

Gateway Conference Board of Administration Standing Policies

Gateway Appointed Pastors Scholarship (GAPS) Form

Gateway Appointed Pastors Scholarship Reference Form

Gateway Scholarship  Form for Pastors' Children

Gateway Conference Moving Expense Worksheet

Delegate's Credentials and Information Sheet

Pastoral Staff Installation Service

Gateway CMC Mentors Handbook