Pastors and Lay Leaders Fall Resourcing Day

Safe Worship course

(church safety and security program)

IDES Training (International Disaster Emergency Service)

Saturday, September 12

8:00am-12:00pm (continental breakfast at 7:30am)

Greenville FMC, 1367 IL Route 140, Greenville, IL  62246

(sponsored by Gateway Conference and Greenville FMC)


Who should attend?:  Gateway Conference Pastors appointed to churches and a lay leader from each church.

This course will cover the following:

Background of IDES

Need for a Security Plan

Site Assessment

Greeters and Ushers - First Line of Defense

Safety/ Security Team

Armed Security Team

Run. Hide. Fight (updated)

Medical Response Teams

Crisis Recovery Teams; Emergency Medical Care - First 10 minutes.

Learn how to:  

Reduce the overall risk of violence, especially before a crisis;

Reduce the number of injuries during an attack;

Increase the survivability of injured persons in the minutes after an attack.

The Safe Worship seminar covers what to do well before an incident, deals with the critical 5 minutes of an incident, and continues with the equally critical 15-20 minutes after an incident.

Registration is free but you must register to attend (register by Wednesday, September 9 to