Election of Leadership Summit (Annual Conference) Delegates

Organization (page 91 of Book of Discipline)

Ministerial and Lay Delegates
A.    The General Conference shall organize the work at large into annual conferences. Each annual conference shall be composed of all ministers in full membership, and lay delegates elected by the several societies.
B.    One lay delegate shall be admitted from each society. If there is more than one pastor in full membership appointed to a society, the society shall be entitled to one additional lay delegate for each additional pastor. A society that has more than 100 adult members, may elect an additional lay delegate; and for each additional 200 adult members, an additional lay delegate may be elected. The election of a delegate and any reserve delegate shall be by separate ballot and each shall require a majority vote of those present and voting.
C.    Delegates are not members of the annual conference until they are present with their credentials and have been seated. Conference ministerial candidates are without vote except for those who are appointed as pastors in charge of a society. (See ¶5340.F)
D.    In consultation with the bishop of record, each annual conference shall provide for substantially equal ministerial and lay representation in its annual sessions.

Full Membership means an Ordained Minister.