The role of Delegate in the local church and at Leadership Summit


1.  Delegates are elected by the local church at the Annual Society Meeting (usually in January) and serve until the next election for delegates.

2.  Delegates represent the society (local church) at the Leadership Summit.  They serve as members of the conference only when they are seated, and the conference is in session.

3.  During their term, Delegates serve as a liaison between the local church and the Conference.

4.  Delegates reflect both the society and their own personal view in their discussions at Conference, and act on behalf of the good of the Conference.

5.  Delegates are expected to report significant actions of the Conference to their local church.  Reports may be to the congregation, Official Board, society, etc.

6.  The delegate (or at least one of the delegates) serves on the Local Board of Administration of the church unless a different structure has been approved by the Superintendent.

7.  Delegates ensure that pastoral care is provided for the pastor and family by:

Appropriately welcoming a new pastor and family; Inquiring as to whether family and ministry needs are being met;

Coordinating expressions of love and appreciation during Pastor Appreciation Month (October), at Christmas time and other occasions;  

Consulting with the Church Board of Administration and Superintendent in recommending a sabbatical leave for study and/or physical, emotional and spiritual renewal;

Ensuring that the cost of Family Camp, the Annual Conference (Leadership Summit), Pastors and Spouses Retreat, etc. are provided for by the church, if at all possible; serving as a loyal friend to the pastor – providing encouragement, prayer, and counsel; and

Appropriately thanking the pastor when a pastor is transitioning out of the church.

8.  Delegates serve as spiritual leaders in the church and as a liaison from the pastor to the congregation and the congregation to the pastor (use conflict resolution available from Gateway Conference when necessary).

9.  Delegates serve as spiritual leaders in the Conference by :

Praying for the Conference Superintendent and staff;

Encouraging their church to keep current in their Conference financial support commitments; and

Seeking counsel of the Church Board of Administration (after speaking with the pastor and before approaching the superintendent) if there is a perceived need for a pastoral change.

10.  Delegates enjoy the privilege of seeing, first hand, the broader vision and ministries of the Conference and, in turn, endeavor to share this with the local church.

Adapted from the FMCNA Manual for Superintendents